Xero Live Footage?


Has anyone leaked any live footage, or audio from the Xero era? I know that Xero played the same night as System of a Down at Whiskey a Go Go, but there’s no audio or footage from that show.


No Xero footage exists. http://lplive.net/shows/2000andearlier Here is a list of the known Xero shows, with some pictures from Mike’s wife that she submitted.


Thanks for the link. That was interesting to read. Didn’t know how long they kept the name. Haven’t even heard of Relative Degree before.


I’ve heard several rumors about a supposed recording of a Xero show
Some people claim that the woman who chased Chester had a recording of the Xero show
Recently, discover another rumor, a Brazilian girl has this recording
And this girl is one of the members of the LP: BR

I can not confirm anything, I’m looking at old sites, trying to find something from Xero or Hybrid Theory


I heard there was an eBay listing of some live xero and the buyer never shared, also i heard that the poster of the listing gave a brief preview, but that’s only a rumour.