XVLP has been announced


All aboard the HYPE TRAIN


Just so you know, this isn’t LPU15. That being said, I’m still really excited for this.

For those that don’t know:



Mind if I change the category of this? It has nothing to do with the LPU.

Yeah, I am excited too! They’re working with a few of the best streetbrands, it’s exciting. Unfortunately, I doubt I’ll be able to get any of it due to capital controls and the price (which, I expect to be high, real high). We’ll see though! It’s definitely a great way to celebrate 15 years, much better than doing a show.


Yeah!! I’m excited too!!! HT is my favorite album. I really want to buy a t-shirt, but I’m afraid the sale won’t be available worldwide.
But I have to desagree with @EvoOba, I prefer the show. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, a show is not for everyone. This way, they managed to keep all the fans happy. Everyone can buy merch but not everyone can fly out and go to a special show.

I’m sure the merch will be available worldwide since all these brands ship everywhere in the world. I’m not so sure about the designs though, what I’ve seen so far is just meehhh. (plus, they’ll probably be pretty expensive).


You saw the desing of the merch!? Where did you find it? I looked for it, but I couldn’t find anything.
And I still prefer a show that I really could go, than the merch. hahahaha
And, from what I know… the merch will be a limited edition. So, not everyone will have it. We have to be fast enough to get something. Hahahahaha


You can see a lot of the designs in the promo video.

I’d prefer a show if I was living in LA, otherwise there’s no point of one for me since I’m half way across the world. Not that I am willing to pay the humongous amounts of money these things will probably cost either. It depends on each person individually really.


so it is, every person her own opp., but it´s not ours to choose, we´re given, can take or let it be, freedom, but I would like to see them live on Monster Mash on the www as gift for all fans free show to see there, live, yeah I know, all the reseve rights, terms and conditions are not allowing even to the band itself to make such a gift, anyways, I´m really excieted, what the baby lpuxv becomes, must be at least born, as every other baby, so c´mon go thrue the birth pangs and bring it to life HQ


They will broadcast the Blizz (or Bliss? not sure how it’s called) show online so you can watch that if you wanna buy tickets.
Also, LPU 15 will launch at the end of the month (at least that’s when it did the previous years).


ok than we have all in one a newborn baby, a new lpu (not really expecting much changes) and the first of the four candles to burn, I won´t spend money to watch sth online btw, [ot drinkink coffee]


oops :sweat_smile: sure


Bape v LP kinda sucked. An ugly T-shirt for $115? Hope the next ones will be better.


Couldn’t agree more. It’s ridiculous for such a plain design to be that expensive… (not that the rest are cool in my opinion but anyways). It was funnier watching Mike trying to support it when fans freaked out over the price.


This is why I hate band merch. Because it’s all cheap garbage that can be found for a 3rd of the price elsewhere yet you stick a logo on it and the price sky rockets. It’s not just band merch too, it’s anything with a known badge.

I also find it deeply irritating when naive fans (I’m not calling you guys naive, I mean in general) immediately assume that just because it came from their fav artist that it will immediately be amazing. They’re the sort of people that will say “Mike just gunned down 15 innocent people…THAT’S EPIC!” Just because it’s from something/somebody that you are a fan of, it doesn’t mean that it’ll be brilliant.

Also, I’m no longer writing in opposites as my challenge finished 9 mins ago.


This! Unfortunately most people think that whatever their favorite artist does is right and “happens for a reason”.
I wouldn’t pay more than $25 for a shirt, whether it’s merch or a famous brand. It’s crazy, you pay for the name, not the quality anyways.


I’m not really into the design either, if it had a better design, I might have paid $40 max maybe, but I feel at this price it’s more of a collectors item than an actual shirt

I bought one of Mike’s DC shoe designs years back and wore those out too quickly and I regret it now, they we’re awesome shoes. I paid over $100 I believe. Then again shoes are different than shirts


I have one of his pairs too, the black pride ones. I paid €150 (including shipping) for them and theywere worth every penny. Most comfortable shoes ever! (DC never fails to amaze me actually). Mine are pretty beat up as well and I’ve stopped wearing them to preserve them. But yes, shoes are a completely different thing.

I believe the rest of the shirts aren’t gonna be that expensive ($60 tops). I believe The Hundreds one is gonna be around $50 and the 2nd most expensive one. I hope it’s a good design too.


I’m pretty sure that if they were that expensive they wouldn’t be falling apart. I spend a fair bit of money when I buy shoes once every blue moon and never once have they been in a bad condition after I’ve out grown them.


Depends what you mean with falling apart lol. That’s the problem in the pair I have (the holes), rest of it is fine, no tears or rips or something anywhere. Actually, I think these are the shoes that have lasted the longest for me (6 years and counting).


If that’s it then why not keep wearing them?