Yes or No v.?



Did you fish



Did you eat breakfast?



Do you like the song “Erroz con pollo”?


Never heard of it

Do you like the writer “paulo coelho” ?


No! I don’t really like the motivational books.

Have you completed any of your goal for this year?


No. I don’t have yearly but long-term goals. So they re all in progress :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you ever spoke anything rubbish in front of your teacher?



Do you speak more than 5 languages?


:flushed: aheam…no, I don’t…




Did you travel outside your country in the last year



Do you like The Cranberries (band)?


I like some of their songs, yes.

Have you ever been laid off?


No. Almost always it’s me who fire up first.

Have you seen an unicorn?


No… :frowning:

You?? :heart_eyes:


No ( lol)

Do you enjoy your sunday?


I will but mine just started



Oh yeah ( with unicorns and lollipops :joy::joy:)

Are you ready for the superbowl?


Yes just have to get a couple more things

Are you going to watch the super bowl


You! Liar! And this one?! :unicorn: :wink: :joy:

Definitely no.

Have you stolen something?


No, never
(@lpfan61 can’t see unicorns anymore - We all know you’ve eaten them all ! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: )

Did you read a book during the last month ?


:flushed: me?? :eyes: :lollipop: :lollipop: :yum: :grin:

I missed you!!where have you been?? :sun_with_face: :hugs: :hugs:


Did you write something today?