Yes or No v.?


No, not you ! @IronSoldier16 !
Wait… Do you eat unicorns too ?! :open_mouth::scream::flushed:

Awwwww thank you ! :hugs::hugs: I had a tight schedule this week, I slept like two hours tuesday night so I spent the week trying to sleep x)

Not yet

Do you have a pet ?


I stopped eating them long time ago.


Yes, notes from every text I’ve read.

Yes, she does jajaja jk, even if I’m not sure jaja.

Yes, turtles.

Do you know more than 15 in other language?


:smirk: :joy: I eat the lollipops, not the unicorns… :angel: :blush:

You… :joy: :hugs:

English and Spanish yes! :grin: :blush:



:female_detective: I don’t trust you… I’m sure you’re both dealing and eating unicorns ! I’ll investigate !

Yes ! English and German !

Do you speak any regional language ? (I hope my question makes sense…)


You won’t blackmail me again! Be careful @Mel_4.

It’s almost impossible… Let me try:

La üzt awach rat? (Kaqchikel)

If I’m not wrong, there should say how are you.

Do you understand the basic grammar of the Spanish?


:eyes: I’m innocent! :angel: my unicorns are all free! :grin: :heart_eyes: with lollipops and sugar…

I’m innocent! (2) :angel: :joy:

I try to learn!!

Do you like to go walking in a forest at night? :wolf:


What ?! I’ve never blackmailed you ! I’m just doing my job Sir ! :policewoman:

@lpfan61 You don’t seem THAT much innocent… :female_detective:

Not if I’m alone ! :see_no_evil:

Do you ?


Look into my eyes… :eye: :eye: don’t you feel I’m saying the truth? :blush: :grin:

With a unicorn you won’t fear anything… :grin: :speak_no_evil:


You missed the not there, the correct sentence is:
I’m not innocent.

Not you, but @lpfan61

No :joy:

Do you know where is the next question?



It’s probably gone into the wood with @lpfan61 and a unicorn !

Do you like this game ?


Why you two don’t trust me??! :frowning:
:joy: :joy: rofl on the floor to laugh… :joy:

^^^ this…the correct answer… :joy:



Yes, more your company.

Would you do my homework for the freedom of the Unicorns?


I don’t know… Maybe because you’re hiding behind a unicorn ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It depends… Would you do mine ? :joy:


Depending, what’s about?


I’m small, so it could be possible… maybe… :grin:

What are you going to give in exchange?a unicorn??with lollipops? :heart_eyes: then YES!


I basically need to rewrite all my lecture notes… -.-

HA ! You’re going to come with me, Miss ! :policewoman:

I’ll give you anything ! :grin:

Do you like lollipops ?


I’d do, but in Spanish :wink:


Do you love take long walk alone?


Stay strong! You can do it! :muscle: :hugs:

Yaay!to where??pub?pizza time? :grin:

:frowning: :pensive:





No, not in Spanish ! :sob:

Thanks @lpfan61 ! :hugs: But I’ll probably do it… tomorrow… Or tuesday… Or… :rofl:

JAIL TIME ! :chains::link: :joy:

I LOVE them ! I need to go on one this week - It’s been so long, I need a walk to take a break !

Do you like to exercise ?


Of course! I walk 25 km on just because.

I’m going to eat, brb.

Do you have my Unicorns?