Yes or No v.?




:frowning: you… My unicorn will bring me faaaaaar away from you… :smirk: :grin:

Aheeam… just some of them :shushing_face:

Will you bring the key to escape from the jail? :joy: (brb… :wave: )


C’mon ! You don’t want to be with me and @RoryEvans in jail ? :joy:

Give me your unicorns and I will !

Will you stay in jail if I bring it ?


Yes, but I will give it to the officer jajajaja

No, thanks. I’d prefer come back to eat Unicorns jajajaja.

Ah… No.

Are you dating now?


You’ll miss my magic tricks !

Why not ?! :joy:

OT : Nope

Did you ever visit a prison ?


I’ll ask the officer that record all of them jajaja

It’s not a good deal.




Yes it is ! Trust me ! :smiling_imp:

If Monopoly doesn’t count, then no :grin:

Do you often argue with people ?


If I do that, I should admit that @lpfan61 is innocent, and we both know the true…

No, I’m very pacific.

Do you love how Dolores O’Riordan (the cranberries) sings?


Yes, you’re right…

I don’t know her songs very well but she has a beautiful voice, as far as I know

Do you ?


Waaait!!what?? :frowning: :sob: I’m really innocent… I eat only the lollipops… :cry: :blush:

I like some of her songs…

Do you usually go to sleep early?


I do love her voice.

There is the proof!


Do you like play with the kids?


Heeey!what are you doing?? :joy: :joy:


Do you like painting without brushes? :crazy_face:


Bother my older sister jajaja

Yes, I do!

Do you feel cold and lost in the desperation?


:joy: yeah,exactly my lil brother… :grin: :hugs:




Mom said that you have to give me all your money for buy food :wink:


Did you already send your letter to Nick?


:unamused: ooook…but don’t go buy unicorns! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes! :blush:

Did /do you do a picture for the video?


More than less. I was thinking in send this:

I think that fits perfectly with what I want to say to Mike and the guys.

Did you drink coffee already?


Nice idea!! :star_struck:

You want me to stay up all night? :laughing: I drank it in the afternoon…

Did you have dinner?




No yet, it’s 18:06.

Would you date with someone of the forum?


I’ve done it in the past (it was actually from the chat room…when we had one), I wouldn’t do it again anytime soon, though.

Did you watch the Super Bowl?