Yes or No v.?



Do you like grapes?


They’re in my lunch every night at work, yes. I also have raisins mixed in with dry Cheerios sometimes in my breakfast. My sister hates raisins.

Do you like milk in your cereal?


Yes, I never will understand dry cereal :thinking: :joy:

Do you like peanut butter?


Yes! I don’t think I could go with out it for too long.

Do you watch Game Of Thrones?


(Lol peanut butter is really something else :joy: )

No, never got into it

Do you watch the walking dead


Yes, but it’s kind of getting lame.



Yes, and I’m still surprised they haven’t killed Daryl yet. Didn’t like Negan at first, but he keeps things interesting at least.

Are you a people person? :joy:


Not really. ( but you guys are different)



NOOOO leave Daryl alone!!! :joy::joy::joy:


I didn’t say I wanted him to die, I’m just surprised he hasn’t yet. He’s one of the better characters on the show if you ask me.


I know. He truly is. The development they’ve done with him and how Norman Reedus portrays him is incredible


Surprised to see them kill off Carl, but people had no right to get that writer fired over something like that. People get too wrapped up in everything anymore.


A writer got fired because of that?


Yes. Stupid really, but yes. The fans signed a petition to get rid of him just cause Carl is getting killed off.


Wow I hadn’t heard that. It is dumb.



Do you have a physical copy of HT Demo?


No, just HT

Do you have all 8 main LP cds (HT-OMLL)?


none :no_mouth:

do you??


Unfortunately no

Do you enjoy snow


Always, but not ice

Do you like rain?