Yes or No v.?



Do you like snoww :heart_eyes:


No! :frowning:

Do you like the sun?? :sun_with_face: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Yeppp! :smile::smiley:

What’s your favorite cartoon?



Would you do my homework?


Yeah, why not? :grin:

Do you like to take photos?


Yesss! :wink: Heading towards when and where to post lol

Do you like writing?


I love it!!!

Do you like birds?



Do you like rats?


Out of my house? Of course!

Do you like hamsters?


Haha lol!

Yea they are nice :wink:

Do you like vultures :laughing:


Nope, only in @NickGr‘s songs

You like to lazybutt?



Do you miss somebody?


Yes i do :-/

Do you like Sports


Some of them.

Did you study in the University?


One year, then I realized I’d rather work

Were you ever the cool kid in school?


As a kid I was so goddamn annoying I’m surprised I didn’t get shot

Have you ever been to Finland?


No, I haven’t. I’d like to though. Finland looks nice.

Do you have a degree?


No I don’t.

Do you like instrumental music?


Of course I do!

Do you like flowers?


On the plants they are meant to be on haha

Do you like drawing?