Yes or No v.?


I like but when it comes to drawing i am drowning :stuck_out_tongue:
Do you like swimming?


Not really, i don’t like to wear a swimsuit. I don’t like my body.

Do you know juggle with three balls?


Not even with one :joy: forget 3!

Do you?


No not meeh

Have you met linkinpark yet?



Do you like ice cream?



Have you broken a bone?


Unfortunately yessss! :neutral_face::laughing:

Did you?


Yes a few

Did you ever had a car crash?



Did you?



Did you ever wim in the ocean


Yes, it was cold.

Can you do a three-minute plank? (I’m almost there!)


Whaaatt?! I’ve done max 2 smthg i guess… not 3! :open_mouth: Oohoo fitness expert. Salute ya!

Aee you fit.?


Without resting, if I push myself far enough, I can do a little over two minutes, I’m not quite at three yet, but it shouldn’t take much longer, I think.

Fit? I guess. My dad’s the fitness guru in our family, and he has weights all around the house. He also wakes up ridiculously early in the morning to get his workouts in. He seems to always be experimenting with healthy foods if he reads somewhere that it’s good for him.

Have you ever been ziplining?


Yes in high school

Have you ever been to Europe?



Ever ate pineapple?



Do you enjoy being adventurous?



Do you like Harry potter ?


It’s okay okay for me.

Do you kike percy jackson ?


Yup, the references to the ancient greek myths are so nice!

Have you ever fallen in love? :heart:


Nature lover! :joy: Nemophilist here!! :seedling::seedling:

(Now same question to you! Jk! :stuck_out_tongue:)

What is the colour of the cloth you wearing now?