Yes or No v.?


@Honey8 a nemophilist? So beautiful! :heart_eyes: I am a nemophilist too, even if I can’t spend so much time in nature.

Naturally black, I am a black lover. :black_heart: :wink:

About the same question, I fall in love with everyone and everything, but only who makes me feel myself is really in my thoughts! :heart: For not talking about Linkin Park and LP Family where I really find everwhere love!


Would you consider eyebrows as facial hair?



What about sideburns?


:joy: I actually have side burns, and yes

Would you like to move out of country?


No way

Would you go to a safari ? ( and see nice animals)



Do you believe in ghosts?


only in Boris

Do you believe in God


Yes, and so much more

Do you believe in aliens?



Do you believe in ghosts



Do you like spiders? (@lpfan61 :joy:)


:unamused: NO!

Do you want to be punished by gangsta granny?? :smirk: :muscle:


Noooo :scream:

Do you want to use the bat of batman?


Oh yes my dear friend!! :smiley: Yoir profile pic says it all!! Is that you? Well it looks loke a very pretty lady! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


:joy::joy: She loves them and would like to keep them as pets! Right @lpfan61 ? :joy:

Of course! :joy: @framos1792 your call dude!!

Would you like to eat a pizza? Don’t expect it from my silly braces teeth! :joy:


:flushed: :scream: :skull: NOOOO!! Which side are you??! :joy:

Of course! :yum:

Do you like cookies? :grin:


Yes i do! :smiley::smiley: I call them the opposite phonetic words… like i call them kiekoos :joy: i just had them in morning !


@Honey8 thank you so much! :cherry_blossom: Yeah the girl is me and you just made me happy calling her pretty :heart_eyes:

Would you like to spend all your life in a dream forgetting the reality?


Probably yes.

Do you have an instrumental version of Shadow of the Day?



Do you like spiders? @lpfan61 :wink:


:unamused: NO!! :confounded:

Do you like lizards? :lizard:



Do have a pet