Yes or No v.?


Yeah!! I like flames! :heart_eyes: :blush: :fire:

Do you feel tired today?


Just a little sleepy

Have you ever sneezed spaghetti from the nose? It maybe sounds crazy but once I did…


No! :sweat_smile:

Do you like high heels? :high_heel:


No. How the hell people can walk with that!?

Do you like draw stupid things?


Yes, I always draw stupid things

Ever get fired? f9a


Nah. Never been fired.

Ever played in the rain?


No, it was always a “Run or you will get wet!”

Ever been in a wasteland?



Have you been to disneyland


Is Eurodisney the same thing? No, America is too far away

Do you like school? I sincerely hate it but don’t tell my teachers…


Where I studied my elementary school: yes!

Do you like The Simpsons?


Yes love it!!

Do you like marmite?