Yes or No v.?


Yeah- … will worry less and enjoy more

Did you saw Annas story on IG with her new years resolution? ( She’s only adorable

It’s in her story today )


No yet.

Are you enjoying the New Year?


Perfect one! Truly! :heart_eyes::smile:



And thanx dear @Honey8 :hugs:

Do you like to revive threads?!


Yes :crazy_face:

Do you usually go to bed late at night?



Do have tons cds


Like 30 at most

Do you listen to more than 5 genres of music?



Do you listen to at least 2 genres altogether? :crazy_face:



Do you like draw flowers?


Wheeeeere do you put LP??? Rock+rap altogether! :triumph:

Yes! :blush:



Linkin Park has more than 5 genres altogether in just one song :upside_down_face: why do you think is so hard classified them in one specific genre? :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you like play card gsmes?


I said “at least” in my question… just pointing out…


:thinking: not really… I don’t know many card games… :sweat_smile:

Q: do you like reading comics?


Then I can’t read well :joy:

In that case, I change my previous answer to a “yes”.

I can show you a few ones if you like :wink:

No much :confused:

Will you spam the forum this year?


Damn sure. I’ll. And a lot more than last yr.

Will you learn new skills this year.?


Yes, I learn new skills every day of the working week, and if I don’t I invent something new (kind of my job as mad scientist)



Are you lactose intolerant?



Did you ever watch the movie “The truman show”?



Do you enjoy the rain sound?



Do you like listening to music in car?


Yes. Anywhere

Wanted to ask if 2+2 always makes 4