Yes or No v.?


Yeah- … will worry less and enjoy more

Did you saw Annas story on IG with her new years resolution? ( She’s only adorable

It’s in her story today )


No yet.

Are you enjoying the New Year?


Perfect one! Truly! :heart_eyes::smile:



And thanx dear @Honey8 :hugs:

Do you like to revive threads?!


Yes :crazy_face:

Do you usually go to bed late at night?



Do have tons cds


Like 30 at most

Do you listen to more than 5 genres of music?



Do you listen to at least 2 genres altogether? :crazy_face:



Do you like draw flowers?


Wheeeeere do you put LP??? Rock+rap altogether! :triumph:

Yes! :blush:



Linkin Park has more than 5 genres altogether in just one song :upside_down_face: why do you think is so hard classified them in one specific genre? :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you like play card gsmes?


I said “at least” in my question… just pointing out…


:thinking: not really… I don’t know many card games… :sweat_smile:

Q: do you like reading comics?


Then I can’t read well :joy:

In that case, I change my previous answer to a “yes”.

I can show you a few ones if you like :wink:

No much :confused:

Will you spam the forum this year?


Damn sure. I’ll. And a lot more than last yr.

Will you learn new skills this year.?


Yes, I learn new skills every day of the working week, and if I don’t I invent something new (kind of my job as mad scientist)



Are you lactose intolerant?



Did you ever watch the movie “The truman show”?



Do you enjoy the rain sound?