You know you’re an LP fan when


Some of these jokes are kinda old, and some of them I’ve made up.

You know you’re a LP fan when…
You predict what color Mike will dye his hair next.
You predict what color Mike will dye his hair next - and you’re right.
You get a paper bag and make an angry voice.
You’re really good at sports because “it’s easier to run.”
Whenever you feel like someone is ignoring what you’re saying, you yell, “Shut up when I’m talking to you!”
You still haven’t found a Cure for the Itch.

Does anyone have any more to add? :laughing:


You act like how Chester performs on stage,
You make Linkin Park jokes all the time.
You wish to be like Mike


When you have their autograph
When you know every lyrics to the album
When you see them live at least once in concert


When you can’t stop listening to their music and don’t want to leave the computer and you have things to do but just can’t break away . You might miss something Your mind is on them 24/7.


You think LP should be their own music genre.

:grin: I’m loving your replies!


You want to try the ketchup so badly… :grin: :rofl:


You think of “Unicorns and Lollipops” and it cheers you up


Yeah!in the land of Balloonia! :balloon: :balloon: :heart_eyes:


When you try the ketchup (sorry, it’s a really bad one but I couldn’t resist :joy:)


Mine was that you don’t want to do the laundry. :wink::wink:


…Linkin Park is the rock band of your dreams. Literally. :sleeping::metal:


When you’re willing to pay $500+ on a box with stickers on it that the band and the band’s stage managers used while touring / playing.


When you have to merge the line “in the end” with the other line on your English lesson, but instead write “it doesn’t even matter” after it


When you scream with Chester in your car in a traffic jam and don’t care how everybody else looks at you :smiley:

This is such a great topic, love your answers :smiley:


:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I did this exact thing today! The guy in the lane next to me gave me a look, like, :unamused:. Haha​:rofl:


…it’s on your bucket list to binge-listen to everything remotely related to LP in one day, in chronological order, from Xero, to Grey Daze, to Hybrid Theory, to ‘regular’ LP stuff, to Fort Minor, more LP stuff, then Dead by Sunrise, then more LP stuff…

…you sometimes feel like a prophet; misunderstood, under the gun, like a new disease.


When you carry something heavy, or someone asks you why something is heavy and you start singing the line 'Why is everything so heavy?"


When you hear the word “noodles” and you start laughing and the others look at you like you’re an idiot.

When you see Cup-o-Noodles in a movie/commercial and you think of a nuclear winter outside.


You want to sing along to every song wherever you are. :+1::+1:


…the only playlists you have on your computer or phone are all LP albums.
…you pay close attention to darkness and light.
…when you can’t feel the way you did before and won’t be ignored.