You know you’re an LP fan when


You wish you wanted a meet and greet with your previous LP concerts.

You try to dream about them every night


When you are Like “what the fuck I Like lp since 2 months and now the lead Singer ist dead and you realize you’ll probably never get the Chance to See them live”!!! Can’t stop crying!


…whenever you need to write a caption for a picture or graph, you always name it “Figure.09”
…it took you all day, but you finally discovered that there are indeed 26 lettaz in da alphabet.
…your favorite sandwich is PB & Jellyfish.
…you live what your learn.
…you remember you’re loved. And you always will be. :heartpulse::heartpulse:


We learn what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger


When you Talk about Linkin Park everyday at school and your Friends are Like " come on just Stop talking" :disappointed_relieved:


Oh I know actually what you mean @Neflovelp this why I really don’t have many friends at school honestly I only have one but here we we’ll never do that to you feel free to talk here all you like soilder because we are family


@turners34 thank you, I actually do have Friends but I mean If they dont Like lp I have to accept it. I found this Site Here, and its way better😁


…you have to listen to LP every day, otherwise you get LP withdrawal symptoms.
…your kids know the lyrics of “The Messenger” better than they know “The Barney Song.” :yum:
…you try to show gratitude for everything…especially on Thursdays. :pray:


You hum the songs everyday in your head. :+1::+1:


When you see cheetos you think of cheetas


…December is your time of the year.
…you’ve never Forgotten to Remember the Name.
…you feel Under Attack and want to Runaway By Yourself.


…you’ve gone to every grocery store within a 50 mile radius looking for Chester Cheese.
…you’d give it all away just to have someone to come home to.
…all your pets are named after guys in LP.
…all your kids are named after guys in LP.


…your wardrobe has a LOT of red and black plaid.
… it feels like you’re just talking to yourself sometimes.


You have LP wallpapers and backgrounds on all of your devices.


You call other LP fans “soldiers” and promote the band as much as possible


Hello @no0rdinarysoldier I also have plaid shirts Red-- Blue-- Grey – Green. I am A fan cause I go in every room on every page and answer somebody and do the same on facebook-- and all the other LP families and rooms I have There are many I am in 9 fan clubs They keep inviting me and when i am done I start over again I can’t break away from here I love it Sometimes I forget where I am or going so many to answer to It is so much fun meeting new fans You are loved.


When you know the words to all LPU videos. Hello the Wizard Song😂


Not all of these are meant to be funny; some are simply statements of fact.

…you know you’re living in a world where everything can change in the blink of an eye.
…you feel ambiguity towards the number 20.
…your know what it’s like to keep running from your shadow.
…a grey overcast day has special significance to you.


This! :joy:
Or when hot cheetos make you all confused inside and have the same effect as a Marvin Gaye song lol


You know you’re a Linkin Park fan when you have a Linkin Park tattoo on your back that the band has all signed.