You know you’re an LP fan when


That thing was impressive to see in the video, It was a jaw dropper lol :+1:


You have the songs on over and over again. (That joke was lame) :flushed:

You want to cross a line where there is a place to start but the hardest part of ending is starting again


I read what you said Yes they are statements and true I don’t think they are funny at all You are important and what you write is too Have a good weekend . @no0rdinarysoldier.


You immediately faint when you see a new Linkin Park picture that you haven’t come across before


Thank you, Kathy. :pray: I appreciate your kind words. And thank you for contributing to this thread. :grin: I hope your weekend was awesome! :sunglasses::grinning:


When both your partner and your housemate tell you in the morning you were singing lp in your sleep…loudly
When you see a look if anguish on both thier faces when you have the ht vinyl in hand… (because if im playing ht there is a high chance of wine and the entire discography is gonna happen)


You have recently tested yourself with LP lyrics.


When you sing old versions of songs and friends are like thats not the lyrics and your like no that was the original lyrics from xero


I’ve never done this because, well, I don’t drink caffeine. But I’ve heard of people that have done it before.

You know you’re a Linkin Park fan when you go to Starbucks and you ask the staff where your fucking frappuccino is.


When your 20 year old daughter remembers being in a car seat singing LP songs together since she was barely old enough to speak :slight_smile:


You are collecting posters although you are up to an age now where collecting posters isn’t such as an important thing now. Lol


I said that to a guy working at starbucks recently, i spotted a tiny lp pin he was wearing and went for it lol he had obciously had a crappy time with the old lady who was before me and as a result he gave me my fucking frappuccino for free :laughing: YEAH!

@raz7 i still collect them too, im in a share house so the space is limited but i have a small area in a sunroom i have claimed and the posters are inside the backs of bookcases on every surface that can handle them and on the celing lol


… you know “we are the fortunate ones…” :pray::heart:


You want to talk to Boris and Miss Oatmeal, the sock puppets from Ghosts, (mikes new song)


… you see Mike’s new music video and it’s so awesome it knocks your Socks off! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


When you weigh the pros and cons of a 3+ hour flight for a concert.


My first concert ever was actually fort minor and i wasnt driving but i drove 10hrs. Lol i know the feeling of being like ok who gives a crap if i waste time and money…its lp lol as if the ‘its lp’ is an answer within itself, enough said lol.

Are you planning on going to a mike gig?


I had entered the LA contests. I really wanted to go. Then started feeling like I couldn’t get away due to work / family. So I removed my name from the contests. But yea, I wanted to attend the Shinoda shows!!!


There have been so many people being lovely on here and removing thier name from the list if they not sure because they can attend or not and they dont want to ruin someone elses chances…good on you


…the thought of the end of the world fills you with a sense of dread and, somehow, a glimmer of hope.
… all you got to say is Kill the Flies!
…you’re still trying to figure out What’s in the Eye?
…you know the journey is more important than the end or the start.