You know you’re an LP fan when


I’m missing something…kill the flies?


Im with you on this one…what have we missed?


Kill the flies :wink:


You know Figure 09 but you want to know what is Figure 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08


Thanks @lpfan61!


You’re welcome! :blush: :sun_with_face:


You finish someone’s sentences with LP lyrics :joy:


When someone who visits you for the first time makes an awkward look around, and tells you: " wow you really do like Linkin Park alot.


There she is!!! My precious!!!


You want to buy a PRS just to keep in Drop-Db tuning


You´re an LP fan when … the first things you hear everyday is your clock ringing “In The End”


You turn the volume up on a game since it has a LP song playing


When you get all excited over a tiny LP-themed desktop calendar


Every single background on your device is either Chester, Mike or LP


Hello everyone I am a moderator in a group .and I just can’t stop posting photo’s --music-- and making Linkin Park fans happy .and if I don’t hear any music from them on a daily basis I get withdrawls .and have supported Mike all year . Now I am listening to his new songs I love them I can’t wait to get home from work just so I can be with all the Linkin Park families and groups I am in…Sharing the love of the band and carrying on Chester’s legacy … .I am proud to be a Linkin Park Soldier