You - poem by me


I wasnt going to write anymore, but just got an idea.


You think you know me
that you are above me
You think you can hurt me
but you are below me

You turned others
to march to your drum
To hate me
Telling them lies

You are afraid to face me
Prefer to ignore me
Laughing behind my back
And thinking you hurt me

You had the power over me
But not anymore
You said you’re my friend
And then you laughed out loud

Calling me liar
Calling me weak
Calling me idiot
And taking my freedom

You are just scared
To face me after what you did
You are afraid that I will look at you
And smile

You think that I hate you
Even if you hurt me
But after all I still care
And am your friend

You should forget
You should smile
And face the new me
With open arms

Just like I did when it comes to you
We are all wrong sometimes
But the nature is to forgive
And forget

You are always welcome
In my little world
So take a deep breath
And take this step


Nice one, Rory :slight_smile: I hear it in my head as rap, told out loud into the face of the crappy people in your work :slight_smile:


That’s a nice poem right there like people can be very cruel and hurtful but you always have to stand your ground and fight what is right because the wrong in the world is just so horrible. By the way this poem is like a song or a rap, I don’t know but that is my opinion lol.