Your best memories of 2012


I have 4 great memories from 2012 that r going to stay with me forever in spring my hubby coached my sons lil league team and at the end of the season they brought home the championship it was awesome to see the excited looks on the faces of these lil boys who worked so hard that was a great feeling next in April I got my LP tattoo and I joined LPU for being such a die hard LP fan this was perfect for me I now know there’s many soldiers out there who share many things n comman with me besides my luv for LP NEXT here came fall football for my son wich my hubby was head coach again for and again we made all the way to the city champs all though r boys didn’t take home the title it was a great feeling to no we wer one of the last two teams standing. AND OF CORSE I SAVED THE BEST MOMENT FOR LAST MY VERY FIRST LINKIN PARK CONCERT A DAY THAT I HAD BEEN WAITING FOR FOR 12 YEARS IT WAS THE BEST EXPIRENCE EVER ONE THAT I WILL NEVER FORGET 8-28-2012 Honda Civic Tour . 2012 was a great yr for me cuz in my life there r 3 things that I revolve my life around wich r my lil family,my sons football team and LP and this yr it was all bout that GOODBYE 2012 I hope 2013 will b just as great HAPPY NEW YEAR LP SOLDIERS BE SAFE!!! \m/…SO WHAT IS UR BEST MOMENT OF 2012


My best memory of the last year is when I traveled to another country to go to a show and meet LP with a friend. All the whole experience was awesome and new for me.
That was my 1st LP show, my 1st M&G with the band, the 1st live show of my friend in all his life (with his favorite band!) and me in another country living one of the best experience in my whole life.

So complete!


My best memory from 2012 is without any doubt watching Linkin Park live in Cape Town :smiley: