Your best memories of 2012


I have 4 great memories from 2012 that r going to stay with me forever in spring my hubby coached my sons lil league team and at the end of the season they brought home the championship it was awesome to see the excited looks on the faces of these lil boys who worked so hard that was a great feeling next in April I got my LP tattoo and I joined LPU for being such a die hard LP fan this was perfect for me I now know there’s many soldiers out there who share many things n comman with me besides my luv for LP NEXT here came fall football for my son wich my hubby was head coach again for and again we made all the way to the city champs all though r boys didn’t take home the title it was a great feeling to no we wer one of the last two teams standing. AND OF CORSE I SAVED THE BEST MOMENT FOR LAST MY VERY FIRST LINKIN PARK CONCERT A DAY THAT I HAD BEEN WAITING FOR FOR 12 YEARS IT WAS THE BEST EXPIRENCE EVER ONE THAT I WILL NEVER FORGET 8-28-2012 Honda Civic Tour . 2012 was a great yr for me cuz in my life there r 3 things that I revolve my life around wich r my lil family,my sons football team and LP and this yr it was all bout that GOODBYE 2012 I hope 2013 will b just as great HAPPY NEW YEAR LP SOLDIERS BE SAFE!!! \m/…SO WHAT IS UR BEST MOMENT OF 2012


My best memories are meeting the guys at Pinkpop and having the day of my life. Also, seeing them in Berlin from the pit and getting special attention. :slight_smile: I’ve made new friends, I’ve got my high school diploma and am enrolled in college now, and I’ve had my first boyfriend. I guess that’ll cover it. :wink: Happy new year, everyone, and take care! -Pickles


finding out LP are headlining Soundwave next year! and getting my first Linkin Park tattoo hehehe and going to Japan, Hong Kong and Korea!


from lp point of view best memories are buying living things album n logging to lpu for 1 month n a week !


Living Things. **


mine would be joining the lpu, seeing them live for the first time in romania and making new friends who also love them…now I have someone to talk with about them and not be considered as crazy [biggrin] also happy new year to all of you…wish you all the best and to see our guys live again next year!take care :*


I joined LPU :))
next year I’m sure I will go to a Lp concert, I have never been on a concert yet :slight_smile:
happy 2013 :slight_smile:


My best memories are definitely going to a LP concert in Warsaw and of course joining the LPU :slight_smile:
I also go to college this year

I wish you all the best in 2013 :slight_smile:


Living Things


Definitely seeing Linkin Park for the first time at Jones Beach!


Most of the memories I’ll never forget were in the summer. It was a really awesome summer, I’ll never forget meeting a firend I havn’t seen for like more then 6 years and spend a week together. Then came the festivals, again meeting a lot of really awesome people and making new friends. Of course the best thing that happend in 2012 was that I finally went to my first Linkin Park concert, 06.06.2012 - Romania. The best night in my life that made me love LP even more! And then I became a LPU member. 2012 was great, I hope 2013 will be awesome too !
Happy new year everyone! [mrgreen]


My best memory of 2012 was to have gone to the Linkin Park concert in Rio de Janeiro


Seeing LP here in Argentina for the second time, the show was one of the best of my life, I will never forget it. And then, traveling, the moments shared with my friends and family… i finally found a good job and i like it! It was very hard to me to found it.

Have a happy new year!!


The Orion Music and More Festival at Bader Field, Atlantic City, NJ. Getting our of Albany FOR GOOD. Last Thursday at my second job, talking to a guy I went to high school with but never talked to. My 27th birthday. Adopting Toby, MY new dog.


Best memory hands down is seeing Linkin Park for the verys first time live. there really is nothing that can trump that. it almost feels like a dream… I guess finally finishing school was a good memory, halfway through the year I got drunk and had an emotional freak out which was horrible at the time but watching videos of it later is bloody hysterical and I can,t forget to mention my first car ever. The glorious Opal cadet. but really all that shit is inconsequential compared to getting your face singed from the pyrotechnics of a linkin park concert.


my favorite memory of 2012 was going to my first concert AND having it be seeing LP. Met a ton of cool people and had a blast!


my favorite memory of 2012 are release of LIVING THINGS and the concert at Telekom Street Gigs Berlin. First time first row.

My highlights of the show:

  1. Mark Fiore (the official cameraman and video editor of Linkin Park) took my camera and made two pictures of Chester and Phoenix for me

  2. When Mike was standing on top of a speaker, he looked at me and remembered me, from the LPU Summit in Hamburg 2011 and his smile was soo great!

  3. After the show had ended, the band said their thanks to the crowd, Chester and Phoenix went to my side, saw me and remembered me too!

  4. After the band had left the stage, a security guy came to me and another person sitting in a wheelchair and gave us a Linkin Park drum stick (this LP drum stick is for my best friend, he deserves it)


My best memory was when I heard living things for the first time :smiley:


My best memorie was that the Lpuers wait a one hour in this shit cold night for the beautiful 1 minute meet and greet on Rock am Ring 2012…it was so a ironie…but very beautiful.
I nerver forget who I say to Chaz “Hi Big Boy” xD he is sooooo small… but how in all Lp videos…how on posters and anything…but… soooo small…;D
And Rob tell me about the first photoshot.
And Mike don´t see me he talks with Brad
Joe was the only one with color clothes…
and Phonix shake my Hand and this shake can we all look on LPTV …
it was very Amazing.


joining LPU
Street Gig here in Berlin and the night after the show
the LPU Nendoroids are here :wink:
a week in my dream job. hope in 2013 i can join in complete.

…and oh how i could forget “Living Things”.