Your fav album(s) from artists other than LP


As far as I’m aware there isn’t such a thread in existence, so here it is.

It’s pretty self explanatory, this is where you list you’re fav album(s) that did not come from LP. Here are mine:

-All albums




Thousand Foot Krutch:
-The end is where we begin

12 Stones:
-Anthem for the underdog

Like a storm:
-Awaken the fire

Hollywood Undead:
-American Tragedy

-The sickness


Limp Bizkit:
-Greatest Hitz
-Results may vary
-Gold Cobra


This could have been a looooooooooooong reply, but I will keep it short. Since I like a lot many bands, these days, I generally look out for “the greatest hits” & “best of” kind of collections. They cover most of the band/artist’s songs. My current acquisition is Dire Straits-Sultans Of Swing (The Very Best Of Dire Straits). Another album (which was mentioned under the category of lesser-known-bands’ albums) which has had my attention is The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me by Brand New.

The list is long, very long. Later, maybe. :smile:


I get what you mean lol


Where can I find this thread? The search doesn’t come up with anything.


Phedora - The House Of Ink (this album isn’t released yet, but they released one single and snippets of 7/12 songs from the album and it’s gonna be fucking great. And their previous songs/cover are amazing. Check them out.) - alternative rock

Acres - Solace EP - post hardcore/ambient
Trivium - Shogun - thrash/heavy metal

Gojira - L’enfant Sauvage - technical death metal

Hotel Books - Run Wild, Young Beauty - spoken word/ambient

deadpoets. - Paper Crane - post hardcore/spoken word/ambient

And then not bands but solo artists.
Dawid Podsiadło - Comfort&Happiness - alternative pop

Kartky - PRESEASON HIGHLIGHTS - new school rap

TrooM x ka-meal - Primus Luporum - new school rap/cloud rap

BONES - Garbage - cloud rap


You can’t just search for it, you have to pay the price by going through a humongous amount of posts and articles and comments and many more other stuff, and only then you earn the prize of a cool band. Actually, this was a thread on some site that had highlighted 20 albums since 2000. You will find many more if you go through the comments on a good article related to music. I will try to share if I find some more like it :smile:


Ok, pretty hard list for me to make but here it is (in no particular order):

Alice in Chains - Dirt
Avenged Sevenfold - Sounding of the Seventh Trumpet and Nightmare
Beastie Boys - Licenced to Ill
Deep Purple - Deep Purple
Deftones - White Pony and Around The Fur
Depeche Mode - People are People
The Doors - LA Woman
Five Finger Death Punch - The Wrong Side of Heaven
Fort Minor - The Rising Tied
Funeral for a Friend - Hours and Chapter and Verse
Green Day - American Idiot
Led Zeppelin - Mothership
Metallica - Master of Puppets and Kill 'Em All
Muse - The 2nd Law
N.W.A. - Straight Outta Compton
Nirvana - Never Mind and In Utero
Of Mice And Men - Restoring Force (both editions)
Papa Roach - Infest
Pink Floyd - The Wall
Radiohead - Creep
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium and Californication
Rise Against - Appeal To Reason and Endgame
Run DMC - Raising Hell
Stone Sour - Audio Secrecy
Thousand Foot Krutch - The End is Where We Begin
U2 - Joshua Tree
White Lies - To Lose My Life
The Who - Tommy
Wu Tang Clan - Enter the W

(I just included my most favorite albums from each artist. I almost like every single album these bands have released)


I am a proud owner of The British Invasion. I would recommend it to everyone who likes Rock music, but a caveat, these 9 CDs include music from the 50s and 60s, and is more like a collection of rare gems. Not everyone will like it, but highly recommended.


Sounds like too much effort, but thanks for the info anyway :smile:


I completely forgot about FM :sweat_smile:


So much love for FM. Mike introduced me to SOB via this project and then Ryu and Tak and later on Scoop, introduced me to even more great artists. Just love it, it represents Mike so well.


Eminem: Recovery
Gorillaz: Gorillaz
Green Day: American Idiot


Eminem- the marshall mathers lp

deftones- around the fur

korn- korn

fort minor- rising tied

quite difficult really but those albums i love


fall out boy: save rock and roll & american beauty/american pyscho
twenty-one pilots:Blurryface


Foo Fighters - Wasting Light
Deltron 3030 - Deltron 3030
Imagine Dragons - Night Visions
Foster the People - Supermodel
Z-Trip - Shifting Gears
Pearl Jam - Vs
Soundgarden - Superunknown
Stone Temple Pilots - Shangri-La Dee Da
The Roots - How I Got Over