Your favorite demo


Hi there. With a new demo released recently I was wondering what your favorite LP demo of all time is. Mine is “What We Don’t Know” off the LPU X CD. Cheers!


100% Reading my eyes. I freaked out when they played it in Amsterdam, but got a bit sad, when they didn’t do the refrain/chorus :frowning:


Yeah I was there too in Amsterdam! Was totally awesome of Mike to do Reading My Eyes :smiley: :smiley:

For some reason Asbestos is my fave though… And I Have Not Begun… And… Well the entire Mmmmm Cookies CD… And more.

This is hard :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm… Primo, What We Don’t Know, Announcement Service Public, TooLeGit for sure. I also like Blue and Untitled pretty much.


Same threads here and here.


Both of those are geared towards either off a certain LPU CD or any of them and this one is asking “what your favorite LP demo of all time is”, I will however merge the other two.

EDIT: Ok no I won’t. One is on the public forum and the other is in the paid forum.


Yeah I was there as well! So awesome!


They’re both dead so it doesn’t really matter, but wouldn’t it make sense to move the one topic since it’s LPU based and would belong better in a LPU section?

On topic, In the End’s demo is my favorite of a finished song, otherwise So Far Away (or She Couldn’t if it counts)


Or just merge them all together under the underground category. Keep things tidy.


Bleed It Out( 2007 Demo)


Drawing. Love the synth lines, and the progression of the song. Personally like it more then the album version.


Homecoming is the best, very closely followed by Pale.