Your favorite show picture


Hello everyone!!
As super fans that we are, we always took a lot of pictures of the shows that we go.
But from the many that we took, there’s always that photo that we like the most, because it seems to be taken by professionals, because it’s funny, or other reason.
So let’s post yours favorite pictures taken by us, that demonstrate a very special moment that is to be with our favorite band!!

I would say to just post pictures of the band. but if you want to post pictures of yourself, feel free!

And don’t forget to tell when and where the photo was taken!!

Living Things Tour - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 10/10/12


I’m surprised this thread hasn’t gotten more love! It’s a great idea for a thread, and I’d love to see everybody’s favorite pictures. Here’s my favorite of the ones I’ve taken: Chester with the crowd at the end of LP’s show in Vegas in February.


Seems that people doesn’t like my idea… [smile]=/[cry] but that’s ok!!
Your photo is a great one!!

Mine didn’t appear, so i’m trying to put it here again…


Hopefully things are just slow around here since there isn’t much LP news right now. Maybe over time this thread will pick up some steam!

You broke your own rule! [biggrin] When and where was your picture taken? Oh wait, I see Brazil listed in your first post … is it from the Rio de Janeiro show? Well done getting so close to the front!!!


[quote=imsiobhan] Well done getting so close to the front!!!


Not so close as yours!! hahahahahah… very good the others ones!!


This one will always stand out as one of my personal favorites

2008 Projekt Revolution in Hartford, Connecticut. The Little Things guitar solo