Your favourite demo LPU 16


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Symphonies of light reprise is alright


The last 2 tracks are the only decent ones for me.


Air Force One, Symphonies Of Light Reprise, BIO 2007 demo and Burberry are my favourites

    • The Catalyst(2010 demo)
    • Can’t Hurt Me(2014 demo)
    • Dark Crystal( 2015 demo)
    • Air Force One (2015 demo)
    • Bleed It Out (2007 demo)
    • Consequence A (2011 demo)
    • Consequence B (2011 demo)
    • Lies Greed Misery (2010 demo)
    • Burberry( 2015 demo)
    • Symphonies Of Light Reprise (2010 demo)

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the blank one is Symphonies Of Light Reprise


I’m outside right now, the new LPU album is in my laptop, I’ll attend to it later.


The site glitched when I uploaded the poll, so it’s all messed up :triumph:


Catalyst demo I couldn’t discern a difference, Burberry sounds like (Stagelight Demo) Space Station, and Can’t Hurt Me sounds like an instrumental remix version of All The Right Moves by OneRepublic.


There was a slight lyrical change towards the end on The Catalyst.


What exactly was the change? Write it down.


It was

“lift me up let me go, leave it all down below”

instead of the final

“lift me up let me go, lift me up let me go”

Also the instruments sound a tad different. They seem to have a different tone or maybe tuning for lack of a better word.


Yup, demos are not that processed unlike the final.


That’s why it sounded so damn familiar :stuck_out_tongue:


Amn’t I right? :stuck_out_tongue: Did they troll it in? :grin: