Your least fav LP song:


I’m being brave in making this thread. There is no point in lying to yourself, there has to be at least 1 LP song that isn’t entirely to your taste. This does not mean you have to hate a certain song, just a song that doesn’t click with you for whatever reason. Are you brave enough to share?

Personally for me it’s In the end…just joking.

In all seriousness for me it’s Until it breaks. I don’t have a reason as such, but there’s just something about the song that doesn’t connect with me unlike all of the other songs.


Forgotten, Nobody’s Listening, Hit The Floor, Numb, In Between, Skin To Bone, Lies Greed Misery & Wastelands. STB, NL & LGM are their worst songs ever


Seriously? Or is that sarcasm? Also I love LGM. STB is a weak one but the rest I love.


No, it isn’t the sarcasm. I don’t like these songs.


Every single song on Recharged along with ALTNC and DTB. Also, Crawling. Yes, I’m dead serious, I cannot stand it, I don’t understand what’s so special and cool about it and I always thought it’s just another song that shouldn’t take any space in their setlists.

There are other songs that were meeeh but eventually grew on me like, for example, Until It Breaks (even though I love Mike’s part, I hate Brad’s and it ruins the whole song for me).


I know, most of you love “Blackout”. I don´t know why, but I don´t like it.


I actually wasn’t able to play Meteora for a long long time. My first rabbit actually died while I was listening to that album. Like, I was so happy to have the album that I played it almost every day. Then one day while Easier To Run played, my rabbit became all spastic and started screaming and… Well… Ever seen a dying animal before? It’s not a pleasant sight.

So after that, whenever I heard a song from Meteora I could literally feel sick from it. I just couldn’t listen to it, without the visuals of my dying rabbit for a long long time.

But I’m over it now. It’s actually a great album. And I don’t feel that sick anymore when I listen to it.

I also can’t stand a lot of the remixes. Recharged sucks, sorry.


Yes, I’m a pretty sick person. I tend to laugh where others cry, gasp or look on in horror/disgust (no joke, I’ve no idea what’s wrong with me).

That’s a given.


Fair enough.


For me it´s Victimized


I didn’t like victimized to begin with but I’m coming around to it.


It’s amazing what you can learn when you ask people to be honest lol. I didn’t expect to get such replies. I was expecting something along the lines of “Screw you, all LP songs are awesome” or something close.


And I forgot about Crawling and Runaway xD the worst from HT, so shitty


@the_termin8r1 Thankfully, I’ve come across very few fans that still think that way. And most of them are still very young and in the obsessing-over-one-band-only phase so yeah (no offence to anyone btw). I think it’s not possible to like everything they do, or agree with all their actions whoever it may be.

@xTirea Whooo! Someone else who doesn’t like crawling!!!


Ouch, that one hurts. It’s one of my favs from HT. But I respect your opinion, I have nothing against you hating it :smile:


I just remembered ‘part of me’. That outro is just stupid. I can’t stand a long looped outro for whatever reason it’s there. Otherwise the rest of the song is cool.


Are u serious? Numb? :S


Well, mmm… Im sure I dont like at least 2 or 3 songs, but I cant remember their names right now. Im so so so fan from Meteora, Hybrid Theory,Minutes To Midnight… And well, I cant remember the name of the songs I dont like at all. But if Im here it’s cuz I really love Lp so :grin:


Might be cause of the radio influence, but i can’t listen to Castle of Glass at all :sweat:


I’ve lived in the UK for 12 years and only ONCE (no joke) have I knowingly heard an LP song on the radio. I was getting some lunch at subway when I heard In the end being played over the radio, that moment made me really happy for some reason.