Your Name Meme Game


For some reason that reminds me of this. :joy:


Finally I looked up my name…

Lol and this is a nice one…
The rest is unfortunately in italiano- but I like it most


@lpfan61 and I can translate :joy:

“Patrizia please, stop it!”


@theearlywalker asked me to post it here, so here we go:


:joy::joy: yes, leader of the Flannoda corps :rofl:


I get these first when i search my name

But this one was the most funny of the first row of meme’s

Especially the text below the pic


That’s the new one for me. It’s weird. :joy:


Lol I love this thread, I laughed sooo haaard (and got so faaar :nerd_face:)! :joy::joy::joy:
Here are some of mine :slight_smile:

(here the translation is: this is how I look like when leaving work on Friday :D)

There were more of them but I didn’t manage to download them on mobile :blush:I