Your Question For Rob Bourdon - Upcoming LPU Chat (new Q&A)


Hello LPU!

We are in the process of scheduling our next LPU Chat, this time with Rob Bourdon!

We will be trying something new this time and are asking LPU Members to submit their questions for Rob below. If you see a question you love, please click on the :heart: icon to vote for it! We will select questions from the ones with the most likes for Rob to answer.

Start asking your question for Rob below, vote for your favorites, and stay tuned for the chat announcement which will take place on the LP Underground Facebook Page LIVE.

[insert totally nifty topic here]

Awesome that you guys are trying this out! Hopefully it will make the chat’s less hectic and more enjoyable for everyone, as well as bring traffic to the forums at the same time. I guess you’d have to see how this one goes, but I think there might need to be a bit more rules to this, like one question per post to organize things, and trying to keep non-question posts to a minimum. Also no making your posts obnoxious looking with editing for attention to get :heart:'s. Anyways, my question:

Seeing as Hybrid Theory just hit it’s 15th year, looking back, is there anything you think you would have changed with the album, or do you think it was perfect how it ended up?

Also, the obligatory: Come to my country!


I’ve always wanted to ask Bourdon if his rigorous practice-based approach when recording Linkin Park albums was something he was able to apply while making “A Thousand Suns” when the band was heavy on improvisation and impulsiveness


Nice, I like the idea of trying to make the chats less chaotic and have questions ready, almost like the old tmes. Agreed with @TripleXero’s comment about the rules though, maybe do something like one comment per person thing?

So, my question:
Music For Relief recently celebrated 10 years. What is the greatest achievement of MFR so far in your opinion and where do you see the organization in another 10 years?


Yeah great, Rob´s comming, Me as a real-Rob-Power-Drummer fan, I´m happy,
My Q will b
Hi powefullest drummer of all :kissing_closed_eyes:
0) where you got your mental force from, even on cloudy/rainy days down there in Californiia and not fitting exp during the studio process?

  1. if not on tour and drumming 3-4 Shows a week, how do you manageto channel the power of your energy/adrenalin commingfrom the inside out??? I other words: Have you got time for a hobby and if yes, what are you doing in lil spare time?

  2. Are you belive in any kind of further instance afteer life? Where do you think, are we going to, if dead, ex Lemmy, Bowie etc…In other words: Do you believe in sth?

  3. How do you feel if a crowd of xxxxxxxxthousand applause you after one of your soloparts, st I think, you´re like in a channel and fix it even up to go on for a last rest round on your snares…lol adorable


Here is my question: what is the limit of your skill? It maybe breakneck speed? Or very long complex solos?

And one more - what was the most difficult in the beginning of a careerand and what has become difficult at the moment?


Q1: Do you know what happened with video recorded by MTV on your show in Wroclaw, Poland almost 2 years ago? A lot of parts of this show were shown in MTV: The Ride and it’s obvious they recorded at least 8-9 full songs.


Q2: What song is the 17th Minutes To Midnight song? We know 12 from the album + Across The Line, Blackbirds, What We Don’t Know and No Roads Left (16 in total). That 17th song is released yet (like Chance of Rain, Pretend To Be etc) or not?


This year marks 20 years since Linkin Park started (as Xero) in 1996. I know you are one of the starting members, so exactly what month and what day of 1996 did the band start?

To Any Independent Creative Artist

Hey there :slight_smile: my question is: what do you think or what’s going on in your mind if you see that fans have planed some Flashmobs for your shows? Like in Berlin (during the Ballad Medley and Bleed It Out)
Can’t wait to see you guys again!


Hi Rob

Has it been a challenge for you this time around to play the drums around the guys lyrics instead of the other way around with just the music?!?

Colin Reid from Scotland


Hi, Rob!
We know you’re focused in the creation of the new album, but do you have some intention to make a few shows along this year or do we have to wait the debut of the album?

Juliany Freire from Brazil.

  1. If you could collaborate with any artist, who would you want to collaborate with?

  2. What do you do in your leasure time when you’re on tour?

  3. Do you enjoy reading? What is your favorite book?

Love and Greetings from Germany


Hey Rob.

What do you and the guys do for downtime when you’re not touring? Are you ever tempted to break out Guitar Hero or Rock band?

Aaron from England


Hi Rob
When will the wedding with girlfriend? :smiley:
How do you perceive the process of recording a new album?


Hi Rob, what is the most challenging song you have ever played?


Rob! whats your favorite song to play live?


Hey! Throughout the years that you’ve been drumming for LP, have you made any major mistakes whilst playing live and, if so, what’s been the worst incident?


Hi Rob…
Warmest greetings from Indonesia…
Dont you (LP) want to come back in Indonesia?
Whats your experience when LP had concert on 2011 in Jakarta?

Its great if you answer this…thank you so much…:grin:


Hey Rob! Did you have any particular ideas for songs going into the studio for this new album?