Your top 2015 tunes


Inspired by Shinoda’s annual Top of the year playlists… Have you made yourself a playlist with songs you enjoyed most of 2015? If so, feel free to share them here!

If anyone missed it, here’s Shinoda’s top 2015:

And here’s mine:

What’s yours? [Doesn’t have to be a Spotify List. Youtube or other music/video sites are fine too]

Oh, and…

Can you touch your shoulders?

I don’t make PLs (unless it was for plug dj/ dubtrack) because my OCD kicks in. I like to listen to albums. Also, I’m not the sort of person who seks out new music. By new I mean new relative to release date. I look for new stuff relative to whether I’ve heard it or not.


Ok. Well each their own of course :slightly_smiling:


Already posted mine last month on my profile for whoever wants to see it.


Out of the albums that were released this year, I think Papa Roach had the best with F.E.A.R. Great albums this year also came from Red, Three Days Grace, 10 Years, Incubus’ EP, Silverstein, Breaking Benjamin, Shinedown, Atreyu and Cage The Elephant.


OH yes, Papa Roach had a greaaaat album this year I agree :smiley:


facepalm I’ve completely lost track of time. I thought OBAR was 2014 :sweat_smile: I also thought FEAR was older too.


I’ll do mine later!


For me, the following bands had the best albums of this year:
Muse, Celldweller, iwrestledabearonce, Bloodhound Gang, Lamb of god, Bring me the horizon, Turbowolf, Entheos, The Prodigy, Blue Stahli, Marilyn Manson and Children of Bodom (Saw their concert in November!).

Now I’m just really excited about a new deftones album, a new limp bizkit, korn and ofcourse linkin park!


For real? I think Drones is their worst album ever!


For me BMTH and Breaking Benjamin - so excited for this year tho!!!


I made this Spotify playlist out of my top-ten


Hey wow, that’s an interesting playlist you have there. Thanks for sharing it :slight_smile: