Your "Track of The Year" in 2013


Pick one and give a reason why you choose it! Mine is Light Cycles by ShockOne

I’d say this is a masterpiece from Karl Thomas, the man behind ShockOne. It has strong feeling and emotions. Somehow it gives you strength to rise and fight back against your enemy. I have a story floating in my head for this track:

An astronaut who did a mission in outer space. Everything was smooth until an unexpected Solar Blast hit the ship and he was the only one who survived. So he struggled to get back to his planet.

I feel that Light Cycle contains more stories and messages that cannot be poured easily by words. You crafted it perfectly, Thomas!


“Sweater Weather” was probably my fav song made in 2013 (knew it before it was mainstream lolz), but “My Body” by Young The Giant is probably my most-listened-to song this year, although it came out in 2010.


Track of the Year…that’s hard. I mean I have a Top Records of 2013 list but it’s hard to chose just a song haha. Depends on the mood I’m in…maybe Too Many Friends by Placebo or Shepherd of Fire by Avenged Sevenfold. I can’t really chose just one.


“Love me again” by John Newman.
I can’t explain why, but this is my song this year - I can’t stop listen to him.


“Diamonds” by The Boxer Rebellion

The feeling of not being good enough for your love
Very catchy
Still listen to it


This is an interesting thread! It’s hard to make a decision, but I’m going with ANOTHER LOVE by TOM ODELL.

Because this song begins very unspectacular and it get’s more and more energy to the end. It’s very nice!

If you want to listen: youtube


Well, I’ll choose “Chthonic - Supreme pain for the tyrant” I discovered this band a few months ago and I just can’t stop listening to them. So powerful!


For sure it was Afraid by The Neighbourhood, there’s not a single day that I haven’t heard them since I’ve downloaded the album


First album “30 Seconds to Mars”… And do not even ask why) The first time I was listeningand him completely many times[cool] This some kind wild mix of heavy music and Electronics


Mine is either “Sea legs” on the Run the Jewels mixtape by El-P and Killer Mike, or “Right Back At It” by A Day To Remember on Common Courtesy.