Youtube Channels


Hey guys, thought this could be an interesting topic.

I thought anyone that has a youtube channel out there could post on this thread and we could all see what everyone else does. It doesn’t have to be LP related, anything you wanna show off, for example music videos or any short films people would like to share?

Feel free to add your channel and maybe we could give each other feedback :D.

Ok, so i’ll start, here is my brand new channel that im trying to grow, feel free to let me know what you think. Oh, its an gaming/tech channel.

You guys rock! :smiley:



Mine’s always linked in my sig, but for the sake of this thread


LPUScdizzle205, nice video of the qwerty/ victimised. Did you have fun at the show?



videos from shows
10.11.2010 Itu, SP (Brazil) - SWU Music & Arts Festival
10.07.2012 Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


Not mine (i was blocked a few years ago :frowning: )
But one of a friend of mine. Plz check it out

LPU and LPTV videos


That’s mine. There aren’t much vids at the moment but I try to upload more.


I’m a music producer… youtube channel:
(With a Linkin Park Remix on it,) It’s very empty right now because the music project is just launched.)